Manifesto Projects

All Nanopack projects are open source to which you're welcome and encouraged to contribute. Any contributions to Nanopack projects should follow the following process and guidelines.

Contribution Process

1. Fork, then clone the Project

All Nanopack projects can be forked on Github. Once forked, clone the project to your local machine.

git clone

2. Create your feature branch

The branch name should be descriptive of and specific to the feature you're working on.

git checkout -b my-new-feature

3. Commit your changes

When contirbuting, all changes should be submitted in a single commit. If you have multiple commits, squash merge them into a single commit. You can find a great squash merge tutorial here.

git commit -am 'Added some feature'

4. Push to the feature branch

git push origin my-new-feature

5. Create new pull request

Once pushed, create a new pull request.

Contribution Guidelines

Pull requests must do the following in order to be merged.

  1. Match the style of code already existing in the project.
  2. Must not contain any merge conflicts (Pull and merge master before submitting the pull request).
  3. Include tests for the modifications in your commit.